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Business Spotlight Series: Synovus

Synovus, a top-performing bank with over $61 billion in assets, started

with one act of kindness toward its employees and the community. In 1888, G. Gunby Jordan worked as the Secretary and Treasurer of the Eagle & Phenix Mill in Columbus, Georgia. One day he witnessed a female employee rip her dress on factory machinery, spilling out all the savings that she had sewn into her hem for safe keeping. Seeing this event unfold, Mr. Jordan offered to secure her savings in the company vault and pay her interest—a service soon extended to all workers at the mill.

Today, Synovus has grown into one of the Southeast’s most respected financial institutions. “As the bank grew, they wanted to grow in a way in which the communities always remained important,” says Judson Langley, Community Executive of Synovus’ Chastain Road branch. “Our bank is known for our involvement in the community and giving back to the community we serve.”

When talking about his branch’s location in the Town Center Community, Langley comments that, “It just doesn't get any better.” From office parks to medical facilities, Town Center provides a variety of commercial clients. “There are so many avenues for someone in commercial banking to call on and serve the businesses in our market, and this is a truly vibrant market.”

Michael Pagan, Retail Market Manager, also notes that being in Town Center means easy access to many services and amenities. “The location benefits the branch as well as recruiting efforts,” says Pagan. “The staff loves that there’s so much in the area.”

With its amazing staff and sense of community, it’s no surprise that Synovus was named one of the Best Banks in America by Forbes and is ranked #1 for Customer Satisfaction and #1 for Trust for Consumer Banking in the Southeast by JD Power & Associates. The next time you need banking services, we hope you will stop by their Chastain Road location. You won’t be disappointed.

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