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Bikeshare Program

Program Highlights

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First CID-sponsored bikeshare program in Georgia

24/7 rental access

45 bikes at 6 stations located along the Noonday Creek Trail

1st hour is FREE ($1.50 per 30 minutes after)

Rent and return bikes in Town Center or Cumberland

To find and rent a bike, download the Movatic app on iPhone or Android

Questions? Need Help?

Contact Tandem Mobility Customer Support at or at


Bikes are more than a way to get from place to place; they provide endless opportunities for our community. With the Town Center Community bikeshare program, you can make bikes a part of your daily commute, change up your exercise routine, or create memories with a fun family-friendly activity.


Our bikeshare program provides 24/7 rental access to 45 bikes across 6 stations in the Town Center area. Bike rental is free for the first hour and just $1.50 per 30 minutes after that. Bikers can take mid-ride stops by locking and unlocking the bike as many times as needed during the rental period.


For those seeking a more challenging ride, the bikeshare also allows the rental and return of bikes at any station in the Cumberland area. Together, the Town Center and Cumberland bikeshare programs offer a combined 12 stations and 80 bikes, allowing members to travel greater distances and explore destinations throughout Cobb County.


The Town Center Community bikeshare program is Georgia's first CID-sponsored bikeshare program. Operation, equipment and maintenance are provided via contract with Tandem Mobility and rentals are handled using the Movatic smartphone app.

Bikeshare Station Map

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Founders Park

map icons-06.png

Aviation Park

map icons-07.png

Town Center at Cobb Mall

map icons-08.png

Avonlea Creekside Apartments

map icons-09.png

Bells Ferry Trailhead

map icons-10.png

Kennesaw Mtn National

Battlefield Park

Sponsored by Cobb & Douglas Public Health

Hand Signals


Left Turn

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Right Turn




Right Turn (Alternate)

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