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Who We Are

We are Town Center Community!

Town Center Community is comprised of the Town Center Community Improvement District (CID) and its nonprofit partner, Town Center Community Alliance.


Town Center CID, established in 1997, is focused on safety, beautification, economic growth, and infrastructure improvements within the district. For larger infrastructure projects, we leverage our funding to complete the critical first steps like planning, studies, and initial concept design that make projects more competitive for federal, state, and local funding.

Established in 2015, the Town Center Community Alliance is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization focused on bringing quality-of-life improvements and programs to the Town Center Community. The Alliance is run by a board of directors and relies on donations from the public, community partners, corporate sponsors, and the Town Center CID to fully fund and develop projects and programs. From public art and aesthetic fixtures to small parks and bikeshare, our efforts help attract businesses and residents to the area, boost economic development and shape a sense of community.

Together, the Town Center CID and the Alliance work to make Town Center Community one of the most accessible, prosperous and exciting areas in Metro Atlanta.

Our Team


Tracy Styf

Executive Director

In her role, Tracy works collaboratively with the local, state and federal leaders to invest the approximately $3.5M of commercial tax funds received each year to develop infrastructure, parks and trails.  Responsibilities include oversight and direction of all aspects of the CID’s strategy and execution, providing executive leadership, and ensuring the appropriate management of the tax funds received.


Jennifer Hogan

Director, Community Engagement

As the Director of Community Engagement for the Town Center CID, Jennifer Hogan advances the integration of community and placemaking into all Town Center Community projects by engaging a broader community and fostering philanthropic investments. This strategic integration includes fostering strong community relations, public engagement, marketing and communications and the oversight and strategic leadership of the Town Center Alliance, the non-profit placemaking partner of the Town Center CID.


Alisha Smith

Director, Projects & Planning

In this role, Alisha helps advance the vision of the TCCID by developing infrastructure and place-making projects that address transportation and quality of life needs for the Town Center community. She oversees the TCCID’s portfolio of projects and collaborates with both internal and external partners to ensure that these investments are managed wisely and achieved on time. She is also responsible for managing capital projects and community programs and planning.


Brandy McDow

Senior Operations Manager

As Senior Operations Manager, Brandy is responsible for the successful execution of the organization’s daily operations. She works within the leadership team to develop and maintain the organization’s strategic plan, then support staff and Board committees in developing, monitoring, and implementing their respective objectives and action plans to achieve those set goals. Brandy serves as a key facilitator of information and processes, with responsibility for systems and procedures to track "how” priorities are executed.

Our Logo

The Town Center Community signature consists of two components: the “Mark”, the graphical, prismatic icon, representative of a well-known virtual GPS marker, that captures Town Center’s sense of place; and the new logo type, “Town Center Community.” The logo is

flexible and may be used without the words “Improvement District” or “Alliance”. Both elements combine to modernize the logo in a professional, dynamic way. It distinctly differentiates Town Center from other CIDs and reflects the vibrancy, collective sense of community and many attributes of the area.

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