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Economic Growth

The Town Center CID is a significant partner for economic growth. Commercial property owners within our district pay an additional tax to Cobb County, which is allocated to the CID. These resources are then strategically reinvested in the community in the form of well-planned infrastructure, safety, economic development and beautification projects. This investment is essential to maintaining the area's economic vitality and attractiveness to residents and businesses.

District Highlights

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Town Center Community
CID Boundary


13,000 Town Center Community Residents


Over 35,000 workers commute
into TCCID every day

Job Market Growth Over
the Last 15 Years

Worker Commute from Surrounding Counties

Partners in Economic Growth

While the Town Center CID is a significant contributor to the success of Town Center Community, it is by no means our area’s only economic development tool. Our economic development partners offer a variety of resources, incentives, and assistance to business owners and developers looking to do business in Cobb County. These partners use local, state and federal resources to offer grant funding opportunities, tax credits, sales and use tax exemptions, and other incentives to give Cobb a competitive advantage.


For more information, please visit our local partner websites.

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