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Alliance Activities

The Town Center Community Alliance invests in projects and activities to enhance the quality of life in the Town Center Community. Using the existing infrastructure established by the CID, we look for ways to add value for residents and businesses in the area and celebrate the unique character of the Town Center Community.

Aviation Park

Airplane Installation & Exhibit

Made possible through partnerships with Atlanta Air Charter and Hawthorne Aviation, this iconic 1964 Beech A-23 Musketeer is the anchor display for the Mechanics in Motion exhibit.

Outdoor STEM and Aviation Educational Exhibits

Developed in partnership with Kennesaw State University, these permanent exhibits and interactive displays enable visitors to explore the past and present of the aviation industry both locally and within the greater region. 

Public Art

Chimney Swift Tower on Noonday Creek Trail

In partnership with Georgia Audubon, the Alliance installed a tower to serve as a roosting and nesting habitat for chimney swifts, a near-threatened migratory bird that spends summer months in our area. 

I-75 Overpass Bridge Mural

Through partnership with GDOT, the Alliance was able to transform an unpleasant underpass prone to graffiti into an opportunity to create a sense of place and a more welcoming experience for trail users and area residents.

Public Art Signage

This aviation themed art structure and sign proudly marks the location of Aviation Park at the corner of Barrett Lakes Boulevard and Cobb Place.

Traveling Fence Gallery

Through our partnership with Marietta Arts Council, Town Center Community is an annual host for the Traveling Fence Gallery installation at Aviation Park

Community Programs

Bikeshare Program

The Town Center Community bikeshare program has logged almost 70,000 rides and includes six stations located throughout Town Center Community.

Yoga in Aviation Park

The Alliance partnered with Kaiser Permanente and Cobb County to provide free yoga sessions at Aviation Park for participants of all skill levels.

rei coop-19.png
REI Co-op Events

In 2023, the Alliance is partnering with the REI Co-op to bring yoga back to Aviation Park and introduce youth bike instruction.

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