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Freight Cluster Plan

Project Highlights

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Keen understanding of freight movement, timing, and the
relationship to general district traffic

Identification of infrastructure needs and opportunities

Projection of future growth and support strategies

Mobility improvements for freight and general users

Opportunity to create a positive regional impact
on freight movement

Funding awarded by Atlanta Regional Commission
through Freight Cluster Plan Program

Project Overview

Funded by a grant from the Atlanta Regional Commission’s Freight Cluster Plan Program, the Town Center Community has initiated a plan to better understand freight-related needs, issues, challenges and growth opportunities in the district area. Through data collection and analysis, stakeholder and public outreach, and best practice research, the plan will work to identify strategies and projects that improve freight access and mobility supporting future growth and continued success within the TCCID area.


While locally focused, the Freight Cluster Plan highlights the Town Center community’s unique character and regional significance. As one of the last concentrated, economic centers in north Georgia before heading out of state, Town Center serves as a gateway for commuters, freight operations, and travelers to and from Metro Atlanta via I-75 and I-575. It is also home to a complex mix of retail, residential, university services, manufacturing, warehousing, and industrial uses.  


Work tasks for the study include:

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Data Collection and analysis of existing land-use and industrial design

​Stakeholder and public involvement

​Best practice research

​Needs assessment and traffic study


Project identification, prioritization, and project cost estimates

Study Documents

For more information or data related to this study, email Alisha Smith.


Planning & Analysis: Gresham Smith in partnership with Croy Engineering and Sycamore Consulting


Contact Alisha Smith, Director of Projects and Planning

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