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The Alliance leads community development programs that support the ongoing evolution of the district. Through collaboration with local consultants as well as community members, its work expands opportunities for socially engaging features that reflect the unique identity of Town Center.

The Alliance relies on the financial support of partners and sponsors that are passionate about implementing valuable quality of life improvements in our community. Your contribution to these programs directly supports the CID’s vision for the future of Town Center.

Yoga in the Park Soared at Aviation Park

Thanks to everyone who reached for the sky during Yoga in the Park, our six-part summer yoga series sponsored by Kaiser Permanente at Aviation Park, a flight-themed recreational area completed in 2017 by the Town Center CID, in partnership with Cobb County.

Each Saturday from June 5 through July 17 (excluding July 3), the Town Center Community Alliance and Town Center Community Improvement District (CID) welcomed instructors from Kaiser Permanente and guests of all skill levels to the park overlooking the Cobb County International Airport runway for yoga sessions.

This series is part of the Alliance’s phase II initiative to bring community programs and activities to the flight-themed park. The park currently features open spaces for airplane viewing, a playground area, covered pavilion, bike share station, parking and restrooms as well as permanent exhibits and interactive displays ideal for in-depth learning opportunities and field trips.

We can’t wait to see everyone again at our next program. Stay tuned and follow us on social media for future announcements and updates.

Aviation Park Phase 2: An Educational and Historical Installation

Since Aviation Park opened in 2017, it has been a popular destination for Noonday Creek Trail users. This unique park attracts families with young children and aviation enthusiasts interested in watching the take-offs and landings at the nearby Cobb International Airport. However, there is more opportunity to highlight Cobb County’s aviation history and enhance each visitor’s experience.

The Alliance has created a program to install permanent exhibits and interactive displays throughout the park. Each installation corresponds to a specific curriculum, making them ideal for in-depth learning opportunities, such as field trips. With help from Kennesaw State University’s Department of Museums, Archives, and Rare Books, and the Master Craftsman program, the installations will use photographs, oral histories and more to incorporate elements of art, STEM education, recreation and fun. Once complete, Phase II will enable visitors to explore the past and present of the aviation industry both locally and within the greater region.

Learn more about proposed exhibits and explore opportunities to get involved in our Taking to the Skies brochure.

Trail Activation

The Noonday Creek Trail is one of the most popular amenities in Town Center. Using the existing infrastructure established by the CID, the Alliance adopted an activation plan to adorn the 7-mile trail and elevate the user experience.

Imagine crossing a colorful intersection towards the gateway to the trail. You enter under a tall branded archway and are led down a paved walk lined with gardens, sculptures, shaded seating and fitness stations. An artistic railing points you towards an abstract bike rack before opening up to a boardwalk overlooking the creek.

These types of features strengthen our connection to a particular place, and we have worked with Kimley-Horn and Associates to integrate these features onto our trail between Founders Park and Aviation Park. The trail activation plan curates creative infrastructure, attractive furnishings, amenities, public art and community programming that will have the greatest impact on our trail users. Explore all the possibilities for yourself!

Regional bikeshare Plan

The Alliance is currently focused on driving a plan to develop a regional bikeshare network. An expanded system could improve connectivity, mobility and accessibility in nearby cities, districts and communities. With a shared infrastructure in place, riders would be able to rent a bike in one city and dock it in another.

The goal of this program is to encourage the greater community to explore each unique neighborhood and downtown area, as well as to extend recreational opportunities. This program will conform to Cobb County’s amended bikeshare ordinance and set the stage for increased regional trail connectivity. The Alliance is currently facilitating partnerships with bikeshare companies, local municipalities, CIDs and Cobb County to garner interest and investment.

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