Town Center Community Alliance

In 2015, the CID established the Town Center Community Alliance, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Its vision is a vibrant, creative Town Center community with enhanced public places, preserved green spaces and collaborative economic development.

The Alliance takes a strategic look at creative placemaking elements that will help the CID reach their vision of becoming one of the most accessible, prosperous and exciting areas in metro Atlanta. While the CID primarily builds roads, trails, sidewalks and bike lanes, the Alliance finds ways to celebrate the unique character of Town Center. From public art and aesthetic fixtures that inspire and engage to small parks that protect and conserve, the Alliance invests in projects that enhance the quality of life in the Town Center area.

By activating the physical and social environment in Town Center, the Alliance helps attract businesses and residents, boost economic development and shape a sense of community.

The Alliance team enlists the public, community partners and corporate sponsors to fully fund and develop these projects.

Help the Alliance serve the vibrant Town Center community today!

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