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Whataburger Grills Up Success on Chastain Road

In the eagerly anticipated restaurant opening on November 29, 2022, Whataburger marked its debut on Chastain Road in Town Center. The buzz surrounding this event transcended the aromatic confines of its new location, with eager patrons forming lines that wrapped around the building, revealing an overwhelming demand for the beloved restaurant. This demand was no surprise to the company, given the nationwide popularity of its establishments.

Leading the charge in this grand opening was Rydell Johnson, a Whataburger Operating Partner with an impressive 17-year tenure. Originally from Houston, Texas, Johnson made a deliberate choice to relocate to the "lucrative, respectful, and beautiful" Town Center area. He emphasized its distinctive charm as an optimal environment for raising his two children, highlighting the presence of nearby parks, trails and a community of welcoming individuals.

The strategic decision to establish a Whataburger restaurant in Town Center was driven by Johnson's awareness of the high population density, drawing both locals and students from Kennesaw State University. Whataburger employees, many of whom live nearby, passionately advocate for the area, showcasing a harmonious relationship between the restaurant and its surroundings.

 “The fact that we can connect and have this working relationship with Town Center CID the way that we do is incredible. I’ve been a part of many communities, and this one has been understanding, exciting and connects with us in a way that I haven’t seen before.”

Town Center Community played a crucial role in supporting Whataburger's flourishing success, maintaining an "ideal relationship" with the restaurant, according to Johnson. Nearly 1.5 years since its grand opening, Whataburger stands tall with an impressive employee retention rate and has expanded its footprint with a second location on Ernest W Barrett Parkway.

Demonstrating dedication to workforce development, the company awards $10,000 scholarships to select employees, emphasizing its commitment to both personal and professional growth. Whataburger actively participates in Town Center Community events, such as the Noonday Shanty 5K/10K, further cementing the symbiotic partnership between the restaurant and the community.

As Whataburger continues to thrive in Town Center, its partnership with the Town Center Community stands as a testament to the robust relationship between local businesses and the vibrant community they proudly serve.

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