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Business Spotlight Series: Vanderlande

Established in 1949, Vanderlande is a global market leader in the design, manufacturing, and construction of advanced logistic automation systems for airports, warehouses, and parcel hubs.

In 2022, Vanderlande located its North American headquarters here in Town Center with the construction of its beautiful Cobb County facility that includes access to walking trails, a fitness center, and a cafeteria. Plans are already in motion to expand this facility into a 27-acre campus with the addition of a new innovation center.

“Not only is it a fantastic building, but the location is great because we have lots of amenities around, and it’s also very green,” says President Nick Porter. “There’s a real opportunity to have a nice environment for people to work in as well as one that’s really convenient. And all that fits together, it fits together really well, which is why we’re here and why we’re staying here for some time to come.”

A favorable business environment, amenities, and access to greenspace are a few reasons Vanderlande chose to locate in Town Center. Also front of mind was the opportunity to recruit young talent from nearby universities like Kennesaw State University.

“We employ a lot of skilled people in the area” says Porter. “Companies like ours can be a great place to work.” As the company expands, so will the exciting opportunities for students and graduates.

Town Center Community is honored to include a major player on the international stage and is proud to have Vanderlande as a true community partner. Be sure to keep an eye out for the upcoming innovation center as well as the Vanderlande running group getting their miles in on the Noonday Creek Trail!

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