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Building a Dynamic Region: ARC Grants $200,000 to Town Center Community for LCI Plan Update

Town Center Community is thrilled to announce its receipt of a $200,000 Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) grant from the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC). This grant is an opportunity to shape the future of our vibrant community.


The grant will fund the much-anticipated update to Town Center Community's decade-old LCI plan, propelling us into a new era of growth and sustainability. With major transformations unfolding over the past ten years, including the expansion of Kennesaw State University, the dynamic growth of Cobb International Airport, and a surge in retail and commercial enterprises, Town Center stands on the threshold of unprecedented opportunity.


"The LCI Plan update marks a pivotal moment for Town Center Community," remarks Tracy Styf, executive director for Town Center Community. "It's our chance to weave together the tapestry of progress and innovation that has defined our landscape since 2015 into a cohesive strategy for the future."


This comprehensive update will not only address transportation enhancements but also housing initiatives, and land use and zoning policies, so our community flourishes in tandem with its expanding needs and evolving challenges.


"We're committed to crafting strategies that foster growth, stimulate the economy, and pave the way for a resilient and prosperous future," affirms Styf.


The plan will focus on equity and deliverability, ensuring that every recommendation is grounded in inclusivity and feasibility. Alisha Smith, director of projects and planning for Town Center Community, underscores the significance of this approach: "Our study merges long-term vision with actionable projects, leveraging data analysis to identify opportunities, strategies to overcome challenges, and recommendations to drive tangible progress."


As a crucial part of the plan, public engagement lies at the heart of this initiative. The LCI study will provide multiple avenues for collaboration, inviting input from local government, businesses, residents, and stakeholders alike. Jennifer Hogan, director of community engagement for Town Center Community, emphasizes the importance of community involvement: "Community and connectivity are at the core of our mission. By actively engaging stakeholders, we ensure that our planning and development processes reflect the aspirations and needs of our diverse community."


As Town Center Community embarks on this journey, we hope everyone will join us in shaping a future that is inclusive, accessible, and brimming with opportunity.



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