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Town Center Community Partners with Smith-Gilbert Garden on "Egg"cellent Art Hatch Project

Town Center Community is collaborating on a new event with Smith-Gilbert Gardens to install 12 egg-shaped wooden displays along the scenic Noonday Creek Trail as part of its Art Hatch event. The event debuted in Smith-Gilbert Gardens on March 23rd and continued with the art installations along the trail on March 25th.

The “Art Hatch” eggs, designed and painted by students from Cobb County schools, measure 36 inches by 24 inches. With the theme "Perspectives" guiding artistic vision, students employed a diverse array of art movement styles to breathe life into each egg. These artful displays will serve as waypoints in an engaging self-guided hunt, with clues leading adventurers through the lush landscapes of Smith-Gilbert Gardens and the scenic Noonday Creek Trail. In addition, each egg is accompanied by a sign with a QR code linking to a web page with interesting information related to the egg's location.

For more information on the Art Hatch event, visit the Smith-Gilbert Gardens website.

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