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Business Spotlight Series: Walton Communities

In 1989, Lynda Ausburn and Barry Teague transformed their passion to serve the community by providing homes and neighborhoods where people would truly thrive

into a reality with the first Walton community. Since that time, Walton Communities has grown to include more than 30 communities throughout Georgia and remains locally owned and managed.

Town Center is proud to be home to two Walton Community properties: Legacy a Walton Heights located on Roberts Trail and Walton Ridge Apartment Homes located on White Circle as well as two additional Walton properties are located just outside our district.

“The Town Center Community provides an incredible opportunity for our residents to live in an area that provides easy access to shopping, dining, employment, and entertainment,” according to Area Director Kate Beasley. “We value the investment that community leaders and businesses are making in the Town Center Community and are honored to be a part of that.”

“With every new community, we are also looking to provide a place of employment for our team members to work that is easily accessible with a variety of resources they might need like shopping and dining destinations as well as entertainment and greenspace. Parks, greenspace, and trails are always a significant consideration for any Walton community,” says Beasley. “We firmly believe that these resources are a critical component of providing a neighborhood where our residents and team members will thrive.”

Town Center Community is thrilled to be a part of the Walton Communities’ living experience and serve as a community partner in building neighborhoods where people thrive.

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