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Business Spotlight Series: Stone Summit Climbing & Fitness Center

Founded in 2010, Stone Summit Climbing & Fitness Center is the premiere climbing gym in metro Atlanta with its largest location in Town Center. It is co-owned by father and son climbers Daron and Will Pair and Daniel Luke who bring world-class climbing facilities and expert staff to the community.

Stone Summit regularly hosts climbing competitions like the USA Climbing National Team Trials, youth climbing teams, and children’s parties in addition to offering a variety of climbing and fitness classes. “Our motto is that we have climbing for everybody,” says Stone Summit Kennesaw General Manager Jeremy Male. “We have climbing for someone who has never been in a climbing gym before, has never even considered climbing, all the way up to world-class, professional athletes who come in and use the facility to train.”

When it came time to choose where to build a second location in 2014, the advantages of a Town Center gym were clear, according to Male. With KSU’s climbing team training out of Stone Summit and multiple KSU students on staff, being near the university was important. Male also cites proximity to Town Center’s trails as another benefit of their location.

“We’re pretty lucky. We are right on the Noonday Creek trail, so we do have a lot of people who use the trail and because it runs right through our parking lot almost, see our facility and become interested in coming in and checking out the gym.”

When asked about the changes he’s seen in the Town Center area over the years, Male describes how the growth of the area is reflected in the growth of Stone Summit. “Climbing has gotten so much more popular in the last couple of years, but also the growth in the area through the university and other businesses has pushed a lot of people this way.”

We are grateful to have such exciting, family and community-oriented businesses in Town Center. Be sure to check out Stone Summit next time you’re in the area and remember that you don’t need to be an adrenaline chaser to have a great time at the climbing gym!

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