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Business Spotlight Series: D. Geller & Son

D. Geller & Son is a third-generation owned and operated jeweler with its largest store located in Town Center.

The Geller family represents 15 generations in the jewelry industry. In the late 1800's, David Geller worked as a personal jeweler to Tsar Nicholas II in Russia, before immigrating with his family to America. His son, Dan, established the Southeast’s first jewelry wholesaler - D. Geller Manufacturing and Wholesale Jewelers. Dan’s son Mike Geller started as an apprentice at D. Geller when he was 7 years old, eventually taking over the family business after his father passed. During his career, Mike has created a different kind of jewelry shopping experience, taking the business from wholesale to retail by building showrooms to showcase his people and jewelry.

Mike’s son Jonathan Geller, followed in his father’s footsteps, polishing his first rings in elementary school, learning to set diamonds in middle school, and apprenticing in high school. Jonathan took over the family business in 2022 after completing his service as an Infantry Officer in the United States Army.

As Managing Director, Jonathan knows first-hand the value of being a part of the Town Center Community. “The assistant manager in the Town Center store is the number one salesperson in the company and is also a full-time KSU student,” says Jonathan.

He also sees Town Center as embodying the “fun, relaxed, and family-friendly” environment that D. Geller & Son prides itself on. “Our clientele is more of an everyman. We’ve never worn suits in the showrooms, there’s no marble on the walls,” he says. “We’re still small, we’re still one hundred percent family, and so we can keep up with the growth and feel supported.”

So, whether you’re soon-to-be engaged, looking for a special gift, or just browsing, stop in during your next visit to Town Center to experience the one-on-one service and welcoming atmosphere that makes D. Geller & Son a true community gem!

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