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Electrification LCI Study

Project Highlights


Provide information on Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure (EVCI) technology for stakeholders and local agencies


Understand the partnerships needed by stakeholders for implementation


Work with local agencies to develop/consider new policy and programs for EVCI


Identify a step-by-step process on how to achieve EVCI installation


Prioritize implementation strategies for the district


Funding awarded through the Atlanta Regional Commission Livable Centers Initiative Program

Project Overview

The purpose of this study is to promote the installation of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure (EVCI) within the CID area to assist in the development of a national and regional EVCI network. With the recent push across the country to increase the availability of infrastructure for electric vehicles, the CID saw a need for developing a toolkit for stakeholders on how to achieve this task. Affecting the public and private sectors, an understanding of policies and programs at the consumer level is needed to provide this service. The goal of the study is to develop a framework of policies and guidelines to help accomplish this vision. This will include working with our local and regional partners to identify the gaps in the knowledge base and then educating the public on how a technological investment can be an asset to the community and visitors.

This study began in December 2022.

Study Documents


Planning & Analysis: Atkins

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