The Town Center CID formed in 1997 to foster the massive growth potential of Atlanta’s suburban business center. Since then, we have introduced the latest concepts in regional planning to improve everyday life, travel and business. Our district’s residents, employees and business owners deserve smart, sensible and impactful improvements, so we find solutions that reduce traffic, raise economic value, enhance quality of life, and create clean, safe spaces where people want to be.

The CID is a self-taxing district of commercial property owners. It is run by an eight-member board and an expert team who drive well-researched projects that improve the Town Center community, its infrastructure, quality of life and beautification. The CID then leverages the district tax to finance these projects, which may not otherwise receive government funding.


Funds Leveraged

76 Projects

30 Projects

Building a Better Town Center—Together

We represent a connection between the public and the commercial property owners in our district, and we have found that these entities all share the same goal—to enjoy a distinct community with thriving businesses, safe roads and beautiful shared spaces. In our unique role, we can help integrate the needs of the public with the interests of investors. Together, we can determine projects that will have the greatest impact and shape a cohesive plan for the future of Town Center.

Impactful Results: Edison Illuminates Growth

In 2020, the district will welcome the Edison Chastain, our first new Class A office space in more than ten years. During that time, we have been thoughtfully investing in infrastructure and quality of life projects that have resulted in tremendous job growth, housing development and KSU expansion. Now, the three-story, 152,612 square-foot creative work environment will bring a $35 million investment and 525 jobs to the district. The new, modern facility is designed to appeal to current workforce trends and attract high-quality tenants.

According to Edison’s developer, the decision to locate in Town Center was due to our master plan, greenspace development, accessibility, and evolving arts and culture. To complement our efforts, they have donated a 2.5-acre area for us to develop into usable public greenspace. The Edison Chastain will be a catalyst for future growth and development whose amenities will benefit employees and residents alike.

The Voice of the Business Community

Through our projects, we help create an attractive and safe environment for the businesses in our district. We provide resources and education to help support their goals and defend their interests to the benefit of our entire community. Our team is active in every major local business organization, giving us greater opportunities to connect, empower and promote your business.

Investing in Town Center

$700B+ Assessed
Property Values

32,500 Employees
in the CID

 $1.4B Economic
Impact from KSU

$112.4M Economic Impact from Cobb County International Airport

Forging Partnerships

We excel at facilitating partnerships between private sector companies, development agencies, higher education, and the city, county and state government. When implementing new projects, the CID carries out planning, feasibility studies and funding for smooth collaboration and consistent results.

Partnerships in Action: Skip Spann Success

The Skip Spann Connector project was a successful model of public-private partnerships. By bringing this project to the Cobb County DOT, Georgia DOT and Kennesaw State University, the CID developed an award-winning, state-recognized design that reduced traffic congestion, increased accessibility, and created a county landmark. Our well-coordinated effort was completed in record time. In fact, it is one of the fastest-moving state highway projects and even inspired the phrase “Let’s ‘Skip Spann’ it” to mean to expedite a project!

Branching Out

In 2015, the CID founded the Town Center Community Alliance, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, to drive creative placemaking with help from sources beyond the district. Through fundraising and innovative conceptual planning, the Alliance curates projects that reflect the heart and soul of Town Center.

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