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Aviation Park

Project Highlights


Aviation-themed playground including:

Airplane shaped rope & cable climbing structure with mock runway rubber surface

Spinner bowls

Swings, toddler swings & baskets with ADA accessibility

Climbing structure featuring electronic STEM system

Aviation control tower themed restroom building with drinking fountain


Aviation-themed signage


Airplane wing designed picnic pavilion 
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Open greenspace for airplane viewing


Public art display areas


Water filtration

With a stream located west of the park, the site design addresses water run-off by providing a detention and water quality pond with specific plants/grasses and stabilization materials to filter and clean the water.


Landscaping and lighting


Dog water bowl

Project Overview

This three-acre, aviation-themed park is adjacent to the Cobb County International Airport runway. It lies midpoint along the Noonday Creek Trail and offers amenities such as a 60-space parking lot, water fountain for people and pets, open green space, STEM playground, airplane-shaped climbing structure, pavilion, and a restroom facility designed to replicate the nearby airport control tower. The vision behind the park was to engage visitors in a beautiful open environment and provide much-needed amenities along the Noonday Creek Trail. The space near the end of the runway at the Cobb airport, a dedicated CID partner, led our team to the perfect park theme. We turned the high-profile but underutilized green space into an opportunity to educate the community on the history of aviation in Cobb County. Aviation Park is the first effort of its kind for the district. The Town Center CID and Alliance carried out the planning, design, construction and funding of the entire project. It represents a crucial tactic from our master plan—to implement more green space and quality of life initiatives, offer passive recreation, create a gathering space and design a unique, innovative landmark for the district. The park ribbon officially opened in November of 2017.

Phase II: An Educational & Historical Installation

Together with Kennesaw State University, the Town Center Alliance is excited to launch Aviation Park Phase II, which will add innovative new exhibitions and installations that engage visitors in the exploration of aviation history and science. These permanent exhibits will feature the families, industries, and history of Cobb County’s aviation industry, presented against the backdrop of the region’s dynamic historic and current growth. Photographs, oral histories, and interactive elements will provide detail for visitors to explore the past and present at Town Center’s Community’s newest destination park. Each installation corresponds to a specific curriculum, making them ideal for in-depth learning opportunities, such as field trips. With help from Kennesaw State University’s Department of Museums, Archives, and Rare Books, and the Master Craftsman program, the installations will use photographs, oral histories and more to incorporate elements of art, STEM education, recreation and fun. Once complete, Phase II will enable visitors to explore the past and present of the aviation industry both locally and within the greater region. The final installation will be implemented in 2023. To learn more about proposed exhibits and explore opportunities to get involved in our Taking to the Skies brochure.

To learn more about proposed exhibits and explore opportunities to get involved in our Taking to the Skies brochure.

Design Partners


Construction Partners

Croy Engineering
Integrated Construction & Nobility, Inc.
Sutton Architectural Services, Inc.
Winter Design


$2.7 Million 
Town Center CID and Alliance
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