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Aviation Park

Project Highlights

Phase I: Design & Construction


Aviation-themed playground with swings, infant swings, basket/ADA swings, airplane corocord climbing structure, ICON climbing structure with electronic STEM-oriented apparatus, and spinner bowls

Aviation control tower-themed restroom building with drinking fountain for pets and people

Detention/water quality pond with specific plants/grasses and stabilization materials to filter and clean the water

Airplane wing designed picnic pavilion 

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Open greenspace for airplane viewing, landscaping and lighting

Phase II: Educational & Historical Elements


Installation of refurbished 1964 Beech A-23 Musketeer as an iconic display

Four interdisciplinary, interactive educational exhibits developed in partnership with KSU’s Department of Museums, Archives and Rare Books


Aviation Park Signage designed and constructed by students of the KSU’s Master Craftsman Program

Entrance signage explaining the partnerships and significance of the park

Free outdoor field trip and homeschooling destination with Aviation Park Teacher Packet includes lessons aligned with Georgia Standards of Excellence
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Project Overview

Phase I: Design & Consruction

Opened in November of 2017, Aviation Park is located adjacent to Cobb County International Airport’s runway and alongside the Noonday Creek Trail. This three-acre park was a collective enterprise between the Town Center Community and Cobb County to convert the under-utilized vacant property into a themed environment for all ages to enjoy.


The initial design included a 60-space parking lot, water fountain for people and pets, open green space, STEM playground, airplane-shaped climbing structure, pavilion, and a restroom facility designed to replicate the nearby airport control tower. Phase I design and construction was funded by the Town Center Community and is owned and maintained by Cobb County.

Phase II: Educational & Historical Elements

Phase II included the installation of four outdoor educational exhibits containing a series of panels, photographs, oral histories, and interactive elements that engage visitors in the exploration of aviation history and science. These exhibits explore the science of flight; jobs in aviation; the history of flight on the local, state, and national levels; and the pilot’s experience in the cockpit. All exhibits are aligned with the Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE), creating numerous opportunities for the use of Aviation Park as a field trip destination.


The Aviation Park Teacher Packet was developed as a part of this phase in partnership with the Department of Museums, Archives and Rare Books at Kennesaw State University. The teacher packet supports K-5 on and offsite learning at Aviation Park and includes activities corresponding with the four onsite exhibits.

Located at the center of the Mechanics in Motion is an iconic 1964 Musketeer A23 Beechcraft Airplane mounted on a pole 16 feet above grade that was refurbished and installed as a part of Phase II. The plane lights were converted to LED lights and re-configured to point downward and light up the area at night. An aviation-themed art structure and sign designed and constructed by Kennesaw State Master Craftsman Program was installed at the corner of Barrett Lakes Boulevard and Cobb Place Boulevard to identify Aviation Park. 


Phase II was funded by the Town Center Community with help from generous corporate and foundation donations as well as a $35,000 grant from the Georgia Department of Education. Installation of the final exhibits for Phase II is scheduled for early summer 2023.


Phase I Design:  Winter Design, ARCADIS

Phase I Construction:  Croy Engineering, Integrated Construction and Nobility, Inc.

Phase II Artistic & Educational Support:  Kennesaw State University’s Department of Museums, Archives and Rare Books and the Master Craftsman Program


Phase II Donors & Exhibit Sponsors:  Atlanta Air Charter, Cobb EMC Community Foundation, Denyse Co, DLK Aviation, Fly LBI, Georgia Power, Georgia Trade School, Hawthorne Global Aviation, Henssler Financial, Kaiser Permanente, Pope and Land

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