The Townies

The Townies are annual awards to celebrate and recognize the community members, leaders, and businesses that make Town Center Community the place to be.

Town Center CID is celebrating this history while looking towards a vibrant future with a 25th anniversary celebration later this year. On October 25th, the CID will host an Annual Meeting to celebrate the milestone, share a vision of what is to come, and recognize community leaders, developers, and businesses with the inaugural Townie Awards. The Townies will honor leaders in the community that have been a part of Town Center Community’s rich history and have made significant contributions to Town Center’s success.

Do you know a community leader, business, developer, or resident that has made significant contributions to the Town Center Community?

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Nominations for the Townies are now open through October 10, 2022.

The Townies

Community Champion – An individual or organization/business that has made significant contributions to Town Center and their community at large. Their commitment to community is evident in all they do and helps to create a Town Center Community that is a vibrant place for the future.

Commercial Champion – A commercial property owner and/or business located within the Town Center CID whose investment, relocation, or engagement in Town Center Community has made a significant impact. Their involvement helps to create a thriving Town Center Community that advances our vision of connecting access to commerce and retail, restaurants, parks and trails, and residential communities. *Nominees must be located inside the Town Center CID district boundary

Town Center Champion – An individual or organization/business that is a Town Center Community ambassador. Through their work and involvement, they are contributing to the Town Center legacy of creating vision for a more prosperous future and their impact will be seen for generations to come.

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