Chastain Road LCI Corridor Study

Welcome to the Chastain Road LCI Corridor Study!

The purpose of the Chastain Road LCI Corridor Study is to identify strategies that will improve the safety and efficiency of all modes of traffic along Chastain Road, with a focus on creating a walkable environment and identifying catalysts for vibrant, public-oriented development. The study will also formulate concepts for the streetscape, design guidelines, and a signage and wayfinding program. The recommended improvements will encourage the safe and efficient movement of pedestrians, bicycles, and vehicles in, through, and around the Chastain Road corridor.

This study is being done in support of the Atlanta Regional Commission’s Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) Program, which seeks to increase the use of alternatives to driving alone by developing transportation projects and other programs to improve accessibility, expand mixed-uses, utilize transit and support further development in the study area. The study will consider and evaluate potential redevelopment opportunities and recommendations for improvements to safety and walkability in support of the LCI program.

About the Study

Study Background

In 2017, the Town Center Community Improvement District (TCCID) developed a master plan that identified multiple roadways for corridor studies, including Chastain Road. The intent of each of these studies is to assist the TCCID in analyzing existing conditions, surrounding growth trends, greenspace, and traffic patterns, and determine next steps for improvements. Together, these improvements are designed to create a ‘Complete Streets’ transportation network that accommodates safe and efficient travel of all modes. In addition to improving safety and mobility, the Chastain Road LCI Corridor Study will develop concepts for enhancing the streetscape and signage to help activate the corridor and create a more cohesive sense of place.

The outcomes of the Chastain Road Corridor Study will advance TCCID’s vision to capture the momentum of the rapidly growing Town Center area to promote high-quality development and create spaces where people want to be.

Study Area

The portion of Chastain Road being evaluated as part of this study is located within the Town Center Community Improvement District and extends from Big Shanty Road to Bells Ferry Road. Notable points of interest within the study area include the Town Center Park mixed-use area and portions of Kennesaw State University. The study corridor is located near Big Shanty Road and Barrett Lakes Boulevard, which are also being assessed through related corridor studies.

Get Involved

Community engagement is a critical part of identifying the vision and corridor improvements for Chastain Road. During the study, those who live, work, and visit the Chastain Road corridor will have the opportunity to share challenges they experience when traveling along or across the roadway; suggest opportunities for improvement; and provide feedback on draft concepts that will be developed for the roadway. We invite you to submit your feedback using the form in the link below. Stay tuned for more information on upcoming open houses and other events!

View the Story Map

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View the September 22 Virtual Public Meeting and Draft Recommendations

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Submit Feedback on Draft Recommendations

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Please see frequently asked questions below, and select a question to find the answer. We will continue to update our FAQ section to provide comprehensive information regarding the study. If you cannot find the answer to your question here, submit your question or comment via the form located under the Comments page.

Who is conducting this study?

The Town Center Community Improvement District (TCCID) is the agency responsible for the study, in partnership with the Atlanta Regional Commission. Assisting is a consultant team led by Gresham Smith, along with S.B. Friedman Development Advisors and Metro Analytics.

How is this study being funded?

The Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) has provided funding for the Chastain Road LCI Corridor Study through the Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) Program. The LCI Program is a grant program that provides communities with the opportunity to re-envision their communities as vibrant, walkable places with transportation options that encourage healthy lifestyles and provide better 
access to jobs and services. The grant from ARC covers 80 percent of the cost of the study, and TCCID has provided a 20 percent match.

What is the purpose of this study?

The purpose of the study is to address short-term and long-term needs along Chastain Road as a key corridor in the Town Center area, with regard to mobility, safety, and connectivity, as well as streetscape design and economic redevelopment.

What are the anticipated outcomes of this study?

Based on an assessment of needs and opportunities to improve mobility, safety, and connectivity on Chastain Road, this study will identify and evaluate broad a range of multimodal improvements, and recommend a final series of projects that can be advanced for implementation. The study will also identify improvements to streetscape elements, wayfinding/signage, and other features to create a more cohesive sense of place along the corridor. In addition, the study will conduct an economic market analysis that will evaluate the potential for redevelopment along the corridor, as well as potential catalytic sites.

How will the improvements be paid for?

Sources of funding have not yet been identified. Once the recommendations have been finalized, Town Center CID will work with partners to identify and secure funding to advance projects to implementation.

When will the public be able to provide input on the study and proposed improvements?

The study will include a number of engaging events where the public is invited to provide feedback. For a full list of upcoming events, please view the Get Involved section on this page. The public can also submit feedback online using the form link in that section.

How can I learn more about the Chastain Road LCI Corridor Study?

For the latest information on the Chastain Road LCI Corridor Study, please visit


The Chastain Road LCI Corridor Study is funded primarily by the Town Center Community Improvement District (TCCID), with grant funding from the Atlanta Regional Commission. The TCCID is committed to connecting local businesses with resources and promotions that will strengthen the entire six square- mile area that comprises Town Center. The study team includes the TCCID in conjunction with ARC, Gresham Smith, S.B. Friedman Development Advisors and Metro Analytics. A Stakeholder Group has been assembled to help guide the plan development; participants will include representatives from property owners, local governments, advocacy groups, and Kennesaw State University, among others.

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