As part of our most recent master plan update, we identified several areas of study to determine short-term and long-term infrastructure needs. By examining connections, utilization and feasibility, we will make informed decisions while planning for the successful future of our district.

A primary objective of the CID is to respond to the dynamic and varied travel needs of the area. To that end, we are conducting studies that concentrate on implementing multi-modal transportation options using a Complete Streets design. The Town Center CID’s current studies examine possible improvements to central, core thoroughfares in the district: Barrett Lakes Boulevard Corridor Study, Big Shanty Road Corridor Study, Busbee Parkway Corridor Study, Chastain Road Corridor Study, Noonday Creek Trail Crossing at Cobb Parkway LCI Study and South Barrett Reliever Phase 4 Feasibility Study. Through these studies, we can safely and effectively accommodate pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles of all sizes for cohesive travel throughout the district.

How Studies Work

For each study we undertake, the Town Center CID partners with an experienced consulting firm that determines how the area of study could best serve the interests of the district. The firm does this by:

  • Analyzing existing conditions, growth trends, greenspace and traffic patterns
  • Assessing needs, with the aim of guiding future transportation and economic activities
  • Giving citizens the opportunity to voice their opinions. Using Public Open House Meetings, the community can help identify challenges and opportunities along and adjacent to the corridor, then assist in developing concepts that address these.
  • Providing recommendations, such as improvements to roadway infrastructure, intersections, sidewalks and trails, landscaping, lighting, medians, signage, and smart corridor technology
  • Developing alternatives to implement the appropriate multimodal roadways that will best support land uses and natural environments

By thoroughly analyzing and assessing the needs of the specific area being studied, the firm is able to provide a roadmap of recommendations for the CID to consider, prioritize and—if it makes sense—undertake.

A Closer Look

What does a Complete Streets Network look like?

  • Learn more on “Complete Streets” as defined by Smart Growth America.
  • Check out these Pinterest boards highlighting before and after shots of Complete Streets implementation.


Mall Visioning Study

The Mall Visioning Study created an initial framework for re-envisioning Town Center at Cobb mall as an economic and cultural engine to strengthen Town Center Community and Cobb County. The framework posits several potential scenarios to inspire developers’ creativity for phased enhancements. This study is the first step in a long-term process and is designed to be a catalyst for conversations around redevelopment and the future of Town Center.

NC-04 Connection Study

Consulting Firms: Croy, Arcadis, CRTKL
Expected Completion Date: September 2022

This study will investigate and develop improvement alternatives to create a new multi-modal connection north of Barrett Parkway and south of Big Shanty, crossing I-75. NC-04 was originally identified as a project in the TCCID 2010 Master Plan Update with the goal of relieving traffic and creating a new multi-modal connection. This study takes that goal one step further and includes visioning exercises and the examination of emerging and innovative technologies to develop transformational components for this new connection. The NC-04 study will include an existing conditions assessment and site analysis, public engagement, and will result in concept development. 


Sidewalk Inventory and Gap Assessment – CDAP Study

Consulting Firm: Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC)
Completion Date: Summer 2021

This project will provide the Town Center CID with an overall look at the district detailing where sidewalks exist, their condition and where gaps exist. This will improve mobility options for pedestrians in allowing a safer route of travel to specific destinations, as needed, by the community. By conducting this assessment, the Town Center CID and Cobb County will be able to plan for sidewalk connections/renovations as associated with future projects.

Bells Ferry Road Operational Study – LCI Study

Consulting Firms: Gresham Smith, Croy, Edwards-Pitman, Blue Cypress Consulting
Expected Completion Date: December 2021

This study will assess the operation and function of Bells Ferry Road from Chastain Road to Barrett Parkway. The Town Center CID has received a Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) grant from Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) to conduct this study. Read the full press release here.


Chastain Road Corridor Study – LCI Study

Consulting Firms: Gresham Smith
Expected Completion Date: October 2020

This study is funded by a Livable Centers Initiative grant awarded by the Atlanta Regional Commission. Its purpose is to implement streetscape design and smart technology along Chastain Road to make the corridor more efficient. The smart corridor model uses real-time information to monitor traffic movements, improving travel times and reducing vehicle crashes. This study will also formulate concepts for a signage program and public art to help attract pedestrian and bicycle usage. Implementing these smart corridor strategies would make Chastain Road the first smart corridor in Cobb County.

South Barrett Reliever Phase 4 Feasibility Study

Consulting Firms: Arcadis
Expected Completion Date: June 2020

This study will determine the feasibility of a further extension of the South Barrett Reliever. The proposed phase 4 will stretch the Reliever over I-575 and form a connection that bypasses traffic from the I-75 and I-575 interchanges. Arcadis will analyze the area’s current conditions as well as the impact on the community and the potential benefit to the region.

2019 Studies

Barrett Lakes Boulevard Corridor Study

Consulting Firms: Croy Engineering and Pond and Company
Expected Completion Date: Summer 2019

The purpose of this study is to gather data, identify pain points, address concerns and make recommendations to remediate them. Croy and Pond will hold intermittent public information meetings and glean feedback from community stakeholders.

Learn more and submit comments at

Big Shanty Road Corridor Study

Consulting Firms: Croy Engineering and Pond and Company
Expected Completion Date: Summer 2019

The purpose of this study is to gather data, identify pain points, address concerns and make recommendations to remediate them. Croy and Pond will hold intermittent public information meetings and glean feedback from the community.

Learn more and leave feedback at

Noonday Creek Pedestrian Bridge over US41 – LCI Study

Consulting Firm: Kimley-Horn and Associates
Completion Date: Summer 2019

The purpose of this study was to find a safer solution for pedestrians and cyclists using the Noonday Creek Trail to cross Cobb Parkway. This study was a partnership between the Town Center CID and the City of Kennesaw, and it was a part of the Atlanta Regional Commission’s (ARC) Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) program to create vibrant, walkable communities. The study resulted in the identification of the best solution which is to be a bridge crossing over Cobb Parkway (rendering below). The Town Center CID and the City of Kennesaw will pursue funding options for this project.