Plans and Reports

Town Center Plans

Town Center Master Plan – 2017 Update

The Town Center Master Plan 2017 is a comprehensive update that takes into account changes that have occurred in the community since 2010. It contains revised goals based on recent market trends, demographic and economic changes, real estate considerations, future population and employment, land use, development and transportation. It also outlines improvement recommendations, strategic funding opportunities and implementation guidelines for infrastructure, quality of life and other impactful projects.

Master Plan – October 24, 2016 Presentation

Kimley-Horn recently presented an overview of the Town Center Master Plan at a community event held within the CID. We are making the presentation available to anyone interested in reviewing it. Should you have any questions regarding the information in the presentation or have any comments on what was presented, please direct your email to Cody Zanni at Kimley-Horn.

Master Plan

The Town Center CID Master Plan identifies catalyst projects for investment to improve mobility and overall traffic conditions, increase economic vitality, balance land-use and transportation, and promote pedestrian/bicycle mobility. It identifies detailed infrastructure, safety and operational improvements with short- and long-term solutions that maximize the area’s future growth potential, promote development and encourage redevelopment. The Town Center CID is in the initial stages of updating the CID Master Plan and expects to have the updated completed by the end of 2016.

Town Center Area Master Plan 2010 Update

The Town Center Master Plan 2010 Update takes into account changes that have occurred in the area since the original Master Plan development in 2004. It contains revised goals based on 2010 market trends, changes in demographics, future population and employment, land use and transportation. It also outlines improvement recommendations and strategic implementation guidelines.

Town Center SuPurb Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) Study and Action Plan 2004

Funded by the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC), this Livable Centers Initiative study identifies the measures needed to create the village environment connecting the core Town Center area with the surrounding area, especially Kennesaw State University, with multimodal accessibility, concentrated development and varied housing opportunities.

The Town Center Area Livable Centers Initiative Plan 2015

The 2015 Town Center Area Livable Centers Initiative Plan takes into account the tremendous growth of Kennesaw State University (KSU), and the demand it has created for housing, entertainment, recreation, and shopping options, as well as graduate access to local employment. It outlines the development an innovative area that promotes a diverse mix of uses, capitalizing on the growth of KSU, partnerships with the development community, and growth of area ameni­ties.

Beautification Plan

Developed in 2009, the Beautification Plan is a blueprint for improving Town Center streetscapes by adding more greenery to key thoroughfares in the area, including Chastain Road and Barrett Parkway, as well as the Barrett Parkway and I-75 Interchange.

Town Center Reports

Road Map Report 1997-2002

Developed by the Town Center CID, the founding Road Map describes the housing and transportation challenges faced with proposed solutions including a Master Plan and a list of projects and studies aimed at increasing accessibility and mobility throughout the area.

Road Map Report 2007 Update

This report is a revision to the original report and contains updates to economic, demographic, land use and transportation findings, as well as revised recommendations based on trends and conditions from 2007 projected through 2030.

Other Studies

Sidewalk Study

Conducted in 2015, this map represents a comprehensive overview of the sidewalks within the Town Center CID. The majority of all streets within the CID have sideways on one or both sides, especially those that contain commercial or retail businesses, including the main artery of the CID, Ernest W. Barrett Parkway, as well as the over eight miles of trails throughout the area.

Design Guidelines

The design guidelines serve as standards for all public areas and right-of-ways within the Town Center Community Improvement District (CID). The development standards will help direct the physical form, overall character and ensure continuity throughout the district. They are intended to serve as suggested approaches to the design of public areas and right-of-ways within the Town Center CID.

Northwest Corridor Managed Lanes Presentation

The Northwest Corridor Managed Lanes Project provides 30 miles of newly constructed roadway from Akers Mill Road to Hickory Grove Road on I-75 and Sixes Road on I-575. The Lanes are reversible, allowing traffic to travel southbound in the morning and northbound in the evening.

Project Status Update:

Town Center Parks Program

The Town Center Parks Program encompasses three parks: Aviation Park, Bells Ferry Trailhead and Town Center Park.