Building on our Momentum

Since 1997, Town Center has seen growth beyond projections. There has been a swell of new jobs and housing developments, as well as the expansion of Cobb County International Airport and Kennesaw State University. With its approximate location near downtown Kennesaw and the Northwest Corridor’s “power alley” of sports complexes, Town Center has become an integral player in the trends and investments of the greater region.

During that time, the Town Center CID kicked this evolution into high gear. We have harnessed the district’s growth and change to drive meaningful projects that support and enhance what the area has to offer, and, we won’t stop there. In this chapter of our story, we’re at the most critical juncture in our community’s history. As a well-established community, we recognize the need for thoughtful planning and development. For that reason, we believe it’s the CID’s responsibility to innovate new strategies that enrich quality of life and generate a broader regional impact. With thoughtful and creative planning, we will enhance the future for Town Center’s businesses, environment and community.

    Raising the Bar

    In 10 years, when you drive down Barrett Parkway, imagine this is what you see…

    Bustling mixed-use centers with inviting, open public spaces. A walkable, connected network of local retail, diverse dining and first-class entertainment options with various convenient amenities so people can go from “in the office” to “out on the town.” Local business owners thrive with the support of the community and the resources of the CID.

    Excited crowds join in community-centered programs like yoga in the park, farmers markets and public art performances. Residents and employees are proud to spend their time in a place that reflects their needs and desires. Out-of-towners are enticed to come to visit; they can stay in one of the area’s many high-value hotels.

    You are surrounded by clean, safe roadways and sidewalks, with lots of ways to get around. Moving throughout the district is easy with space for cars, bikes and transit vehicles to share the roads equally. Local and regional public transportation, as well as international air travel, provide access to and from the district’s core.

    A mix of active parks and passive recreation, Town Center’s 20+ miles of trails and abundant open greenspace encourage community gathering and healthy lifestyles for all ages. Town Center’s bikeshare, the first CID-run program in Georgia, has expanded throughout the county—just another way we stay connected to our neighbors.

    The area’s regional impact stems from a strong and diverse economy. With multiple business centers and light industrial park areas, Town Center has the largest concentration of international companies in north Georgia. Dozens of new businesses have relocated to the district thanks to its central location, easy commutes and greenspace amenities. Kennesaw State University’s active college campus hosts thousands of engaged students who choose to stay in the area and become part of our large educated workforce.

    Our community is aware of all the unique assets Town Center has to offer and loves to brag about them to friends and family—from the trail connections to transportation improvements and creative placemaking. The public understands the role of the CID and its continuous efforts to positively impact our shared environment.

    This is the scene we want to paint for the future of Town Center.

    Creating a Place People Want to Be

    Highlights From our Master Plan

    In our master plan, we build upon all the groundwork laid since the inception of the CID and use it to lead us into the next chapter of Town Center. It details short- and long-term action plans, including 48 potential projects and $165 million of investment.

    To facilitate the boundless potential held within our master plan, our diligent team works from all sides to piece together essential elements in infrastructure, business, design and quality of life. We believe we can transform Town Center into a modernized environment for future generations to enjoy and feel proud to call their own. We continuously collaborate with our partners, stakeholders and the community to create a unified vision of our district—A vibrant, accessible community that integrates natural assets into a prosperous business center, creating an inviting regional destination.

    We will make this vision a reality by focusing on three main areas of improvement:

    1. Thoughtful Development

    For years, our district has been anchored by the Town Center at Cobb mall, which heralded the transformation of the region and exploded into the retail, restaurant, office space that surrounds it today. The CID continually assesses overlooked parcels, as well as zoning and land use, to plan the integration of sensible, sensitive development plans that are high-quality, well-designed and well-located.

    In contrast to “pro-development,” thoughtful development must be properly scaled and meet the needs of the community. For Town Center, this means adding more entertainment venues, local businesses, class A offices and high-end hospitality. The Town Center CID will work with our stakeholders to transition existing retail centers into walkable, mixed-use developments with publicly accessible greenspace. This ensures Town Center will become destination-oriented, as new retail centers provide space where visitors and residents can gather and spend time.

    Working with the County, we have identified areas with the best land use opportunities to densify the core of the district. Retail centers can be developed in more clustered, connected patterns and include residential, retail, mixed-use and office space.

    2. Transportation and Connectivity

    Located at the I-75 and I-575 split, Town Center is already a major regional crossroad. Our goal is to improve vehicular traffic flow in this busy hub by developing a multimodal transportation network that enhances connections between points in the district and to surrounding cities in the region.

    Phase II of the South Barrett Reliever Project did not originally include a roundabout feature. However, after studying the capacity and use of this intersection, we determined a roundabout system, with its many safety and congestion-reducing benefits, was the best traffic improvement option.

    Complete Street concepts are designed for pedestrians and bicyclists, as well as cars, along the road. This approach helps to ensure safety for people of all ages and abilities, balance the needs of different modes of transportation and supports local land uses and natural environments.

    3. Trails and Greenspace

    Parks, trails, plazas and public gathering spaces will create a greater sense of place, identity and attraction in Town Center. By expanding opportunities for passive recreation, such as trails, we can foster more connections to major Town Center destinations for pedestrians and cyclists. The CID will create a new 7+ mile loop trail to complement the existing trail system, enabling travel within and beyond the district. We will enhance this trail network with an expanded bikeshare program, sidewalk improvements and pedestrian bridges.

    New parks will blend into our trail network for a seamless experience in Town Center’s natural environment. We will implement Town Center Park north of the local mall and Three Streams Park in the Noonday Creek floodplain, both of which will connect to the Noonday Creek Trail. The CID will also advocate for greenspaces and community gathering spaces incorporated into all major development and redevelopment projects. Plentiful open spaces will be a key factor in making Town Center a place where people want to spend their free time.

    Greenspace has been proven to increase property values, benefit the environment, contribute to public health and well-being, encourage community connections, promote safety, and result in neighborhood satisfaction.