Town Center CID/Cobb County Receives $10.4M Grant for Phase III of South Barrett Reliever

May 3, 2018

Town Center CID/Cobb County Receives $10.4M Grant for Phase III of South Barrett Reliever

May 3, 2018

Town Center Community Improvement District (CID) is pleased to announce that Phase III of the South Barrett Reliever project has received $10.4M in federal funding from the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC). This is the largest award for a regional roadway project during this funding cycle. The grant was released through ARC’s Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), which allocates federal funds for the construction of high-priority projects. The funds were awarded to the Town Center CID and Cobb County, for serving as sponsor for the project and leading the construction efforts.

Since its inception, the Town Center CID has focused on increasing mobility and improving connectivity in the Town Center area. The South Barrett Reliever is a key component to reaching that goal. Once completed, it will offer an alternative route for Barrett Parkway, reducing congestion at the I-75 interchange. It is the Town Center CID’s largest infrastructure project to date, with total cost of the first three phases amounting to more than $45M.

“This award is a major step forward in completing our funding goal for Phase III,” said Tracy Rathbone, executive director of the Town Center CID. “Everyone who lives, works in, or commutes through Town Center has experienced the congestion on Barrett Parkway. Soon, the South Barrett Reliever will ease some of this headache, offering more options and reducing traffic. We are excited to be able to offer a solution to the thousands of drivers in our district each day.”

The South Barrett Reliever Phase III includes a bridge over I-75 and the newly constructed managed lanes. It will widen, realign, and extend Shiloh Valley Drive across the interstate to a widened Roberts Court, forming a continuous road. When complete, the project is expected to provide mobility relief, improve public safety, and reduce congestion by more than 22%. Preliminary Engineering and Design is currently underway, and Phase III is expected to break ground in 2020.

Currently, this multi-phased project is in the final stages of Phase II, which includes the realignment of Barrett Lakes Boulevard at Shiloh Valley Drive with a two-lane roundabout. It also provides critical safety improvements, crosswalks, a five-foot-wide sidewalk, lighting and landscaping. These features will also extend to Phase III. The CID expects Phase II to be completed this summer.

With the approximate 10.2 million cars that travel on Barrett Parkway every year, the South Barrett Reliever will provide a safe, alternate route. It will also increase access to the commercial and retail businesses and apartment complexes along Shiloh Valley Drive, Greers Chapel Drive, and Roberts Court. The project will also integrate bike lanes to accommodate Town Center’s growing Zagster bikeshare program. In addition, the Reliever will complete the southern portion of the seven-mile bike/pedestrian loop for the district.

This project is funded through a joint effort between the Town Center CID, State Road and Tollway Authority (SRTA) & Georgia Transportation Infrastructure Bank (GTIB), Cobb County DOT and Georgia DOT. The CID funded preliminary engineering for both Phase II and III at a cost of $1.6M and this project is included in the 2016 Cobb County SPLOST work plan. In June 2017, Phase III received a $1.5M grant from SRTA/GTIB. The Town Center CID will continue to partner with Cobb County to seek the remaining funds needed for Phase III.

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