Noonday Creek Trail Bridge Mural


  • First bridge mural in Cobb County
  • Transformation of unpleasant overpass prone to graffiti to create a sense of place and a more welcoming experience for trail users and area residents
  • Artist – Drake Arnold
  • Located along Noonday Creek Trail on I-75 overpass

In September 2020, the Town Center Community Alliance issued a request for proposals for trail activation projects at several key locations along the Noonday Creek Trail. Proposals were received from artists all over the world. Project ideas ranged from sculptures and creative seating to interactive installations and murals.

During this time, Town Center Community also asked the public for feedback on area projects via community surveys to help inform the project selection process. The I-75 overpass on Noonday Creek Trail was identified by multiple trail users and area residents as a source of unease and an eyesore. Additionally, the bridge was tagged with graffiti on several occasions and Cobb police indicated that a mural might be a good deterrent.  

The selection committee, comprised of community members, Kennesaw State University arts professors, arts community leaders, and Alliance Board Members, identified the Noonday Creek Trail bridge mural as an opportunity to create a sense of place and a more welcoming experience for trail users and area residents.

The mural design covering both sides of the I-75 overpass received approval from GDOT in June 2022, and painting started a few weeks later. The mural was finished on July 19, 2022 and the artist’s name for the mural is Convergence.

The artist, Drake Arnold, has extensive experience in creating murals that foster an appreciation for the natural world and have a positive community impact.

Together, we are planting a seed of inspiration and imagination to create a vibrant future for Town Center Community.


  • GDOT

Financial Sources

  • Town Center Community Alliance

Completed: 2022