Noonday Creek Chimney Swift Tower


  • 12 feet tall
  • Custom-designed and hand-painted by local artist
  • Creates a habitat for local birds

In 2020, the Georgia Audubon and the Town Center Community Alliance partnered to install a 12-foot chimney swift tower along the Noonday Creek Trail. Designed to mimic an actual chimney, the tower serves as a roosting and nesting habitat for chimney swifts, a near-threatened migratory bird that spends summer months in our area. Atlanta-based muralist Christina Ward designed and painted the tower to add a public art element to the installation. The site also includes educational signage that highlights the value of the swifts and the construction of such towers to support conservation.

Learn more about the tower and the chimney swift bird in our press release​.


  • Georgia Audubon

Financial Sources

  • Town Center Community Alliance

What’s Next?

Completed: August 2020