Busbee Trail


  • Multi-use 0.5-mile trail
  • Connection from KSU campus to CobbLINC Transit and GRTA
Busbee Trail is a shared-use path running 0.5 miles along the western side of Busbee Drive. It is a 13-foot-wide path with landscaping and lighting that begins at the Skip Spann Connector and continues south to the transit station at George Busbee Parkway.

The CID developed this project with bicyclists and pedestrians in mind. We wanted to add safe transportation links between KSU, the Chastain Road corridor and the commercial activity around the mall. Busbee Trail helps create this seamless connection by linking existing trail networks in the district.

The potential impact of this trail will be most significant to KSU students and other campus visitors. Busbee Trail will create a lighted route to and from main campus and parking to the busy Fifth Third Bank Stadium for games and community events. It also serves as an attractive connection to the CobbLINC transit station and GRTA parking lot.


  • Design: Heath & Lineback Engineers

Financial Sources

  • Total: Phase I – Right of Way and Construction funded by TCCID; $500k

What’s Next?

The CID is actively pursuing funds for this project.

Expected Completion
Phase I: Fall 2021
Phase II: TBD