Big Shanty Connector


  • Reconnects segmented Big Shanty Road
  • Commuter traffic relief
  • East-west connectivity
  • Full access interchange with the Managed Lanes

The Big Shanty Connector is a four-lane roadway that spans nearly two miles from Chastain Road east across Town Point Drive and Barrett Lakes Boulevard. It goes under I-75 and the Managed Lanes to reach a widened Big Shanty Road at George Busbee Parkway, continuing east and terminating at Bells Ferry Road.

The old route was broken in the 1970s to allow room for I-75, one of the region’s most congested corridors. The CID decided to move forward with this project after a Barrett Parkway Reliever study recommendation, which also proposed the South Barrett Reliever project, to help alleviate traffic.

The main impact of this project is the commuter’s relief from traffic congestion. It provides an east-west alternative to rush-hour headaches on Chastain Road to the north and Barrett Parkway to the south. The corridor has reduced traffic and travel times, improved access to commercial activity and employment centers, and enhanced overall connectivity and reliability.


  • Design: Croy Engineering
  • Construction: Croy Engineering, Cobb County DOT


  • Increased east-west trips on Chastain Road by 39%
  • Traffic delay decreased by 50%
  • Travel-time value of traffic delay is $3.3 million per year
  • Total network delay reduced 52% during morning rush
  • Total network delay reduced 35% during afternoon rush

Total investment

$26 Million

What’s Next?

The CID plans to continue enhancements along the Big Shanty Connector, which will include lighting, multi-use path connections and landscaping.

Completed: 2012