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Town Center Community Opens Nominations for 2023 Townie Awards

Town Center Community today announced nominations are open for the 2023 Townie Awards. The annual ceremony recognizes community members, leaders and businesses for contributions to Town Center Community, one of the most accessible and prosperous areas in metro Atlanta.

“From transformational projects and innovation to economic prosperity and growth, we have so much to celebrate,” said Tracy Styf, executive director of the Town Center CID. “Our success depends on the people who make Town Center a community, and these awards are our chance to say thank you.”

Award categories include:

Community Champion

This category recognizes an individual or organization who has made significant contributions to Town Center and the community at large. Through evident commitment to the betterment of the community in all they do, it acknowledges efforts to make Town Center Community a vibrant place for the future.

Commercial Champion

Awarded to a commercial property owner and/or business located within Town Center CID’s district, this category celebrates community involvement to create a thriving Town Center. Whether through investment, relocation or community engagement, it recognizes work that advances Town Center CID’s vision of connecting commerce, retail, restaurants, parks, trails and residential communities.

Town Center Champion

This category honors an individual or organization who is a Town Center Community ambassador, contributing to the legacy of creating a vision for a more prosperous future that will impact generations to come.

“These awards are about partnership which is even reflected in the award’s design,” said Jennifer Hogan, director of community for the Town Center CID. “It was through our partnership with KSU and the Master Craftsmen Program that we were able to procure a beautiful, customized design that speaks directly to Town Center Community’s vision to integrate infrastructure with natural elements and spaces.”

Nominations are open until Oct. 13, and will be announced at the State of the District event on Oct. 24, 2023. Award submissions can be completed online by visiting

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