Town Center Bikeshare

Bikes are more than a way to get from place to place; they provide endless opportunities for our community. With the Town Center Bikeshare program, you can make bikes a part of your daily commute, change up your exercise routine, or create memories with a fun family-friendly activity.

Our bikes are available for rent 365 days a year. Versatile and comfortable, our cruiser bikes are suitable to ride on our extensive trail system and on the accessible corridors throughout our district. You can even take mid-ride stops by locking and unlocking your bike as many times as needed during your rental period.

For a great way to spend time outdoors, take our bikes for a ride along the seven-mile Noonday Creek Trail!

Get riding today with Town Center Bikeshare!
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Town Center CID Bikeshare

Riders can rent and lock bikes at six convenient Town Center stations:

Our bikeshare also allows you to rent and return bikes from any station in the Town Center or Cumberland CIDs. With a combined 12 stations and 80 bikes, members can travel greater distances and explore destinations throughout Cobb County.

Best of all—the first hour of your ride is always free!

Hourly Pricing

Pay as you go:
  • First hour: FREE
  • $3/hour after the first hour
  • $24/day maximum
To find and rent a bike, download the Movatic app:

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Tips for Safe Riding

Show Respect

Show respect and be aware of fellow cyclists, walkers, joggers, and everyone else that uses bike paths.

Not a Time Trial

Keep your speed under control. Watch for cyclists and pedestrians approaching from smaller cross paths.

Ride Like a Car

Ride on the right side. Pass on the left. Obey all traffic signals. 

Verbal Warning

Ring your bike bell and yell, “On your left!” when approaching other cyclists or pedestrians from behind. Slow down to ease past.

Intersections and Pedestrians

Be especially careful when crossing a roadway, intersection, or pathway. Bikes do not have the right-of-way to vehicles on the road you are crossing.

Don’t Stop in the Middle

Stopping in the middle of the path is dangerous. Pull over to the side when taking a break.

Be Prepared to Stop

People, kids and dogs are unpredictable. Slow down and always be prepared to brake.

Wheels Yield to Heels

Always yield to pedestrians no matter what the circumstances.

Safety First

It is suggested that you wear a helmet at all times while riding your bike.

Know your Hand Signals

Stay in your lane and before you swing out to pass on the left or hit your brakes to stop, use a hand signal and look behind you for oncoming bikes.

Left Turn

Right Turn



Right Turn (Alternate)