On the heels of a successful update to the Town Center CID’s Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) Study, the TCCID has selected Kimley Horn & Associates to assist with a 2016 update to their current master plan.  Over the next six to nine months, Kimley Horn will work with Town Center CID and its stakeholders in a three-phase process that includes:

  1. Reviewing and assessing existing land use, regulatory, urban design, transportation, and market conditions;
  2. Engaging staff and CID leadership to affirm the organization’s vision and establish master plan goals, objectives, and priorities; and
  3. Updating the CID master plan, including identification of potential land use, open space, and transportation improvements and creation of a prioritized project list and action plan.

What does that mean to the community?  It means we are taking a moment to step back, reflect on our project successes, assess the critical issues that still need to be addressed and proactively plan for the future of the Town Center Area.  How will the TCCID continue to improve congestion and reduce traffic in the district?  How do our quality of life projects, such as the Noonday Creek Trail and Zagster, play a larger role in placemaking for the broader community? How will our area grow and change over the next 10 – 15 years?  What is KSU’s role in that growth and how will we work together to make this community a place where people want to live, work, play, learn and grow?   These are just some of the important questions we will address through this process. While we still have many active projects in our workplan and two key infrastructure projects slated for 2016, this year will be a time of reflection and planning as we look to the future of our district and our region, ensuring the long-term sustainability of both.