Town Center Community Improvement District (CID) is pleased to announce that the Corridor Study of Big Shanty Road and Barrett Lakes Boulevard has been awarded jointly to Croy Engineering and Pond & Company.

As per the request for proposal, the intent of the individual studies is to assist the Town Center CID in analyzing existing conditions, the surrounding growth trends, greenspace and traffic patterns and determining the next steps for improvements. Because of overlap in the scope of these studies geographically, the Town Center CID chose to award the project to both engineering firms in an effort to promote collaboration and foster community partnerships. Additionally, this decision was more cost-effective, allowing the Town Center CID to appropriately manage its budget. This demonstrates positive collaborations as well as a fiscally responsible CID.

“We are impressed with both engineering firms and their ability to collaborate and present their ideas to the board and staff,” said Executive Director Tracy Rathbone. “We look forward to working with Croy and Pond to determine the next steps toward best improving this area for our community.”

This study will take approximately one year to complete and will provide the Town Center CID with viable options that take into account current assets as well as future necessities. The Town Center CID was integral in funding the Big Shanty Road extension, which was re-opened in 2012 to provide an east-west connection to help alleviate traffic. With that improvement complete, the study will consider the impact of the Northwest Corridor Managed Lanes Project before and after completion. At the culmination of the study, Croy and Pond will present significant enhancements taking into account the community, its needs, and its preferences.

About Croy Engineering
Croy Engineering is a multi-discipline consulting engineering firm capable of providing their clientele with sound, cost-effective results that enhance the public health, safety and welfare. With a talented and growing workforce, Croy Engineering has the capacity to undertake major civil engineering contracts in both the public and private sectors.

About Pond & Company
Pond was originally founded in 1965 as Armour & Associates and built a solid reputation as Armour, Cape & Pond. In 1988, the firm changed its name to Pond as a reflection of the exponential growth of services and people since the doors opened in 1965. Pond’s staff of more than 550 professionals provides a deep bench of experience and the capabilities to offer customized solutions that help clients manage projects from concept to completion – and everything in between – with confidence and clarity.