Town Center Park

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Project Description

Project Information

When completed, Town Center Park will be a beautiful 42-acre nature venue consisting of three smaller parks and a parking area adjacent to Town Center Mall. This project will convert under-utilized green space and add more enjoyable outdoor realms to the Town Center area. The Zagster Town Center Bike Share Program, which launched in November of 2015, includes a bike station at this site, the perfect feature for the park, which is envisioned as the crown jewel of the district’s green space plans.

The finished park will consist of a water-feature element, a woodlands area and a linear park which features part of the 7-mile long Noonday Creek Trail. With the park’s completion, residents, visitors and employees traveling throughout the District will have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities in the thriving Town Center area.

Current Status

ARCADIS presented the Park Programming Analysis and Report on November 24, 2015. The report includes a design synopsis, potential permits needed for the project, a preliminary cost estimate and a preliminary design and construction schedule. HGOR landscape architects are working on an updated vision and design for the project. Survey crews have begun initial work on the site, soon to be joined by ecological experts, that are collecting information to relay to the design team.


The Town Center CID will work collaboratively with Cobb County and the Town Center Community Alliance to secure local funding as well as philanthropic support for this project. Engineering and construction costs are estimated at $4.7MM.

Total Commitment