Project Description

Project Information

This project, completed in April 2016, has reduced traffic congestion, increased safety for pedestrian and bike traffic, beautified road sections and provided the first lighted bridge in Cobb County.  This project is set to reduce congestion at the I-75 and Chastain Road interchange by 19%.

Representing a well-coordinated and forward-thinking partnership between Kennesaw State University (KSU), Cobb County Department of Transportation and Georgia Department of Transportation, led by the Town Center CID, the Skip Spann Connector provides better access to Town Center at Cobb, KSU and other local destinations, improving visibility for the area.

The project consists of four lanes of new connecting roadway and a 10’ multi-use path on both sides of the bridge, which has enabled safer pedestrian and bicycle traffic between the KSU campus, west of I-75, the KSU Sports and Entertainment Park and other area destinations. Raised planters with native shrubbery act as a barrier between the multi-use paths and the roadway. The project also realigned Townpark Lane and added a roundabout at the intersection of Busbee Drive and Townpark Lane.

Skip Spann Connector - Town Center CID

KSU students have a safer and easier commute to classes as a result of this project, which improves access to Frey Road and the East Parking Deck at Kennesaw State. Students were instrumental in designing a main element of the lighted bridge. Three local universities, including Kennesaw State University, held a contest calling for students to submit their design ideas. The winner: a metal structure that reflects the iconic shape of the Kennesaw Mountains found nearby and in the KSU logo that is incorporated into the bridge railing.

This project was named after a figure who inspired change in the county and the state. Skip Spann was a key influence in developing the Town Center CID, which has completed dozens of infrastructure enhancements to create one of the larger employment and shopping/entertainment destinations in Cobb County. Skip was also a main force behind the foundation of KSU’s athletic program.

Under Skip’s guidance, the Town Center CID leveraged approximately $27M into $106M in local, state and federal funding for projects benefiting the entire Town Center area. Skip made a lasting and significant contribution to the community, and his advancements continue to improve the quality of life for Cobb County residents.


Current Status

The Skip Spann Connector was completed in April 2016. This project was funded in partnership with Cobb County DOT, Georgia DOT, Kennesaw State University, and Town Center CID.


Skip Spann Continues To Win Accolades

The Skip Spann Connector Project has been a huge success for our community and the CID. This project was recently recognized by renowned engineering organizations on the state, regional and national level, which recognized the structure for its achievement in technique, innovation, safety, aesthetics, and most importantly, serving the community well!

They include:

  • Georgia Engineering Excellence Award, Transportation category
  • 2016 Georgia Partnership for Transportation Quality Preconstruction Design Award
  • 2017 American Society of Highway Engineers National Project of the Year

The Skip Spann Connector cost approximately $17,800,000. All funding has been secured for this project from local partnerships with Kennesaw State University, Cobb County DOT and Georgia DOT.

TCCID Commitment
KSU Commitment
Cobb County DOT Commitment
GDOT Commitment
Total Commitment
Phase TCCID Commitment KSU Commitment CCDOT Commitment GDOT Commitment Total Cost
Engineering $1,500,000 $0 $0 $0 $1,500,000
Right-of-Way $0 $700,000 $2,000,000 $0 $2,700,000
Construction $0 $0 $3,000,000 $10,600,000 $13,600,000
Totals $1,500,000 $700,000 $5,000,000 $10,600,000 $17,800,000