Gateway Markers

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Project Description

Project Information

The signage used to direct visitors through an area creates an instant impression of the place itself. The goal of this project was to construct five gateway markers at key entry and exit points of the Town Center area to make navigating easier and also create a positive sense of place. Each 20-foot-tall stone gateway marker with custom purple placards on each side is accompanied by a stone wall and landscaping to accent the structure.

The monuments were constructed at the on- and off-ramps of Interstate 75 and Interstate 575 inside the Town Center district. These gateway markers beautify their immediate spaces and indicate the borders of our district when visitors and residents arrive and leave it.

Current Status

Four of the five gateway markers are complete. A fifth monument is planned at the northeast corner of Cobb and Barrett Parkways. The Town Center CID staff is making plans to incorporate the new brand and logo into the current gateway marker design.


The Town Center CID Gateway Markers cost $176,905 for design and construction, which was paid for in its entirety by the Town Center CID.