Greenspace Enhancement

Noonday Creek Trail Bells Ferry Trailhead


Project Information As the eastern entrance to the Noonday Creek Trail, the Bells Ferry Trailhead is an ideal parking area for those getting started on the scenic, seven-mile trail. This project creates enhancements to the trailhead area, making it more visitor-friendly and providing amenities to help trail users begin and finish their trail [...]

Aviation Park


Project Information Aviation Park offers the community outdoor possibilities that combine old-fashioned fun with access to modern recreation. The goal of this project is to convert high-profile but under-utilized green space to an aviation-themed park, located at the corner of Barrett Lakes Boulevard and Cobb Place Boulevard, adjacent to the end of the [...]

Busbee Trail


Project Information The goal of this project is to add transportation options between the Town Center Mall/Barrett economic activity center and Kennesaw State University (KSU). The project would construct a shared-use path between the Noonday Creek Trail, just north of Town Center Mall, and the Skip Spann Connector, just north of Chastain Road. [...]