Town Center Fitness

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Fitness Activities

The Town Center Community has an appealing mix of beautiful natural areas to bike, jog or walk in, as well as indoor opportunities to get what more of what we all need— exercise!

Our Noonday Creek Trail is a source of pride in the community, a seven-mile long trail the Town Center CID is working to make even more accessible, interconnected and enjoyable to use with the Noonday Creek Trail and Bells Ferry Trailhead projects. The scenic trail is not just a way to enjoy nature, though it offers plenty of outdoor beauty. It also links vital shopping, dining and office areas, making it a pedestrian highway, a viable travel corridor by bike or foot to all the local amenities.

The Zagster Town Center Bike Share Program is the first of its kind in the state and offers easy-to-use bike rental from three locations along the Noonday Creek Trail. Want to enjoy a beautiful day with a lunch-hour bike ride but don’t have a bike handy? No problem. Just visit one of the centrally located docking stations to rent a Zagster bicycle and take it wherever you want to go.

And if weather or your activity preference makes indoor fun a priority, you’ll want to scale the heights at Stone Summit, our featured indoor climbing and fitness facility for adults and kids alike.