Town Center CID

Since 1997, Town Center Community Improvement District (CID) has remained focused on one goal—continually improving the vibrant, thriving community that is Town Center. In the past 19 years, we have forged partnerships with property owners, residents, businesses, Kennesaw State University and government agencies, all in an effort to advance the area, leverage the growing opportunities for all sectors and improve value for property owners. Town Center CID is excited to lead this process, welcoming the future in the Town Center area here and now.

Since our inception, we have accomplished many goals in the community with many more in the works. With our partners, we have invested more than $140 million in infrastructure and beautification projects that improve traffic, safety and access; attract visitors and businesses; and enhance interest and investment in our 6- square mile area.

We hope you’ll explore all the of the unique features and amenities that make Town Center one of the most desirable and beautiful communities in Atlanta—and the go-to place to enjoy every aspect of life!

Town Center CID: Putting Town Center on the map since 1997

What is a CID?

A Community Improvement District (CID) is a grassroots creation approved by but not directed by local government. The organization enables businesses and organizations in a community to come together to improve infrastructure, increase property values and better the quality of life within their district boundaries.

The improvement projects carried out by CIDs fulfill needs for which local, state or federal government funding may not be available and put the power for improvements in the hands of those who need and use them – the people who live, work or spend time in the district.

Revenue for a CID comes from a self-imposed property tax of participating businesses and organizations. The funds generated from this tax money are administered by the CID’s board of directors who choose the projects that will help the community most and then find additional funding for them, if necessary.